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What is Building Calculators

Designing a functional system involves a lot of engineering calculations. With speed and reliable precision, experienced designers develop their own strategies to estimate design requirements based on available resources. 


Building Calculators incorporates some of the simplest yet most powerful calculators that may have been common for building services and design engineers in gauging MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) systems' design based on general rule of thumb.

The calculators involve different MEP services, such as voltage drop estimation, power and current conversion, hydraulic or pipe loss estimation, lighting design estimation, pressurisation, etc. Due to simplification and generalisation of theories, it is advised that estimated results can only be a general reference that shall subject to change on account of varied design conditions or assumptions.

All calculators from Building Calculators are complete with detailed explanation of how calculations are performed and what formulae are applied. We also provide a downloadable spreadsheet (Excel) version for most of the online calculators with every equations in all cells fully accessible (no locked cells). With knowledge of the application for each equation and principle involved, spreadsheets can easily be modified to suit different scenarios.

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